The story behind C.REN

Graduated from a Parisian fashion school, C.REN (pronounced “sirène” in French) has built up her own colorful world based on youth nostalgia. Inspired by her many travels, her passion for Japanese culture and her sparkling imagination, her unique personality has allowed her to create a delicate and feminine aesthetism.

The brand is intended for trendy and mischievous women who have a unique vision of the world. The C.REN woman considers fashion as a way to express herself and wishes her garments to last over time. Beyond design, C.REN wants to convey values and a true identity.

C.REN promotes a rational trade ideology, and suggests the customers a new way of consuming and appreciating the products. C.REN’s clothes are all made-to-order using noble and durable fabrics.

The brand offers short and exclusive collections, all made by the designer herself. Created and manufactured in Paris, each piece is comfortable, colorful and refined.

C.REN is an elegant streetwear brand approached with a clean aesthetic in pastel hues to last a lifetime.

Driven by her ideas and her beliefs, C.REN and her universe full of pastel colors are ready to take off.

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