C.REN : Behind the scenes
C.REN : Behind the scenes

C.REN : Behind the scenes

Behind this project..

is a women’s streetwear brand with a strong identity and a well-defined concept. My first collection is mainly composed of comfortable sweatshirts, original skirts and dresses and soft jackets. The collection will be available throughout the year; and new pieces will be added regularly, all designed by myself. All my pieces are exclusively made in Paris.

C.REN is all about celebrating what being a woman means to me; it’s about women who stand up for themselves when people tell them they cannot achieve anything.

How I create..

First of all, I imagine my color palette, which is a very exciting moment ! The balance between the colors must be perfect. I can search for the right pink or the right navy blue for days in my textile samples or in my photography books. I draw my collections according to my mood of the moment, free from all the trends and fashion diktats.

C.REN‘s values..

I want to convey an authentic vision of fashion through my work. Unlike mass market brands, I favor quality over quantity, style over trends.

The prices reflect the cost of quality materials and construction. I want to see my clothes worn by a large number of people and build a strong relationship with my customers.

C.REN‘s pieces are all hand-made by myself in my workshop. The manufacturing time is approximately 1 week and delivery time takes 3 to 10 working days depending on the country of destination.

This is just the beginning..

Launching C.REN has allowed me to push my ideas and creativity, letting things get a bit more surreal, just the way I like it, and has been over a year in the making.

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