C.REN : A sustainable brand
C.REN : A sustainable brand

C.REN : A sustainable brand

About C.REN


100% handmade..

C.REN is a women’s streetwear brand created in December 2018. I am committed to create clothes in an ethical manner because I think a truly conscious brand needs to consider both people and planet. I put extra effort towards sourcing high-quality fabrics that provides durability and longevity to create unique styles that can be worn all year around.

Made in Paris..

All the pieces are made in my Parisian workshop. Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand. I do everything : idea, concept, design and manufacturing. I work with Parisian suppliers who offer high-quality fabrics from French fashion luxury houses. Using leftover fabric rolls allows me to create unique and exclusive pieces.
C.REN is entirely handmade in Paris.

An ethical brand..

I want to make C.REN more « sustainable ». I want to build an inspirational brand that empowers women, female entrepreneurs and celebrate all things « Girl Power ».

The slow fashion movement..

While other brands produce up to eleven different collections a year, I decided to move towards adopting a « slow fashion » approach : a promise of original and beautiful, high-quality fashion to enjoy in a responsible and sustainable way.

Slow fashion aims to transform our approach to :

– Fashion production : by creating fewer collections per calendar year with pieces made from high-quality materials that lengthen the life of the garment.
– Fashion consumption : by promoting conscious consumerism.
– Fashion creation : by promoting originality, diversity and thoughtfulness.

A sustainable fashion..

I want to offer one collection per year because the clothes I create are carefully designed and made by myself. Creating a collection takes a lot of time, so I think a collection per year is the best way to offer pretty quality garments.

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